90s nostalgia (or lack thereof) overcomes us on this episode of PHILADELPHIA MAN TALK! We celebrate our budding minor celebrity by being recognized as "Those burger guys" at O'Grady's - the greatest breakfast buffet around - and bash each others' opinions about the Phillies, Flyers, and Sixers. Dr. Dan Mirsch (@danmirsch) joins us again for more casual commentary and discussions of obesity.

Baseball predictions! How bad will the Phillies be?

Do you remember Bop It? Sock'em Boppers? Being resold your childhood? If so, this episode is for you.

This week's Burger Report:

Phil - Brunch Burger @ Applebee's in Royersford
Chris - Kite and Key Burger @ The Kite and Key in Philadelphia 
Greg - The Hounder @ Red Hound Grill in Paoli
Dan - Hudson Valley Farms Foie Gras (without Foie Gras) Burger @ 2 Stone Pub in Wilmington

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