007 - Every Bite Has Bun

Super Bowl LI! Oscars! Injuries! Burgers! This extra-long version of PHILADELPHIA MAN TALK has it all. Joined by Dr. Dan Mirsch (@danmirsch on Twitter) to discuss sports injuries in our Top 5 "Worst Injuries" list, Phil, Chris, and Greg discuss what might have been the greatest Super Bowl ever, and the coronation of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick as the best coach and QB duo of all time.

In the latest Burger Report, we have our first PERFECT BURGER according to our 15 point scale. Greg and Chris discuss who should win vs. who will win for the Oscars, and Phil struggles with the English language on multiple occasions.


Phil - Cheeeesy Burger @ Jake's Wayback in Limerick
Greg - Cheeseburger @ Screwballs in King of Prussia
Chris - Bison Prairie Burger @ Rock Bottom Brewery in King of Prussia
Dan - Pickleback @ PYT in Philadelphia

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